ScriptThingTM for DOS and Windows®
The Thing for Writing Scripts on the IBM PC

With so many programs out there, why have writers like Ron Nyswaner (writer of Philadelphia), Carolyn Shelby & Christopher Ames (co-screenwriters Class Action), Rob Hedden (Friday 13: Jason Takes Manhattan), production comapanies like Agamemnon Films (Alaska), Trilogy (Outer Limits), Alliance Entertainment (Due South, Taking the Falls) and many more chosen to use ScriptThing?

Because it's the best.

"ScriptThing is the Learjet of Screenwriting software: Smaller, faster, more capable. By comparison, everything else is the Spruce Goose."  -  James Andronica, Mirage

"ScriptThing is dead simple to learn, easy to operate, incredibly flexible and frighteningly ingenious... which is why our show now owns nine copies." - Paul Haggis, Writer & Executive Producer Due South

"ScriptThing saved my ass!  Don't try this in your own home... but on Castle Rock's ALASKA we had more than 12 sets of revisions by 3 different writers, including myself.  My assistant and I handled all of these personally using ScriptThing with ease." - Fraser Heston, director Alaska, Needful Things & Treasure Island

"ScriptThing for Windows is the latest development in the evolution of screenwriting word processors. It is even easier to learn and use than its DOS predecessor, if that's possible. Anything you need to do in writing and formatting your script is only a mouse click away." Steve Marshall, co-creator Live Shot

"I've been a writers assistant for 10 years and this is just the kind of program I've dreamed about. I am VERY HAPPY!" Betty Arnold

"ScriptThing is the Easiest Software I've every used!" - Christopher Tellez
ScriptThing's interface was designed by a produced writer and former script coordinator to be the fastest, easiest program out there.  No other program offers the combination of speed, features, ease of use and flexibility of ScriptThing.   Whether you're writing features, MOWs, sitcoms, hour dramatic, plays or Interactive Media projects, ScriptThing is the program for you.

Real-Time Page Breaks handle all the MOREs, CONTINUEDs, Scene Numbers and more, on screen as you write and edit, so your script is perfectly formatted and ready to print at all times!  And text entry is as easy as two keystrokes.  TAB takes you to a Character Name, ENTER takes you to most everything else. All that's left are the words in between.  And that's just the beginning.

Sure, I know you're saying that every program has people saying "it's the best," "nothing else compares," so how do you know who to believe? Well, there are three fundamental things to evaluate in any software program: interface, features and reliability. So let's take a look at ScriptThing.

What's better about ScriptThing?  It's all in the details.  
For example, when you press TAB in ScriptThing, you're always instantly put into a Character Name.   Type a letter and a Menu pops up with all the names in the script that start with that letter.  Sounds a lot like those other programs, I know, but there are some important subtle differences.

Character Name Entry - the differences:

  1. Unlike other programs that do this type of thing, this list of Names in ScriptThing is completely dynamic, automatically listing only the names actually in your script at that moment.  So if you completely delete a character from the script, change the spelling of a name, or simply fix a typo, unlike other programs there's no need to manually go into a list and edit it, as ScriptThing's list is updated automatically.
  2. When other programs pop up this type of Character list, they typically either leave you at the top of the list or always highlight a specific name.  However, with ScriptThing's unique SmartTab feature, the last name that you used which begins with the letter you typed is automatically highlighted.  So if you have LARRY, LINDY, and LISA in your script and this is a scene with LISA, then the first time she speaks you'll press TAB + "LIS" and press ENTER, but the next time, you can just press TAB +"L". Other programs make you press TAB "LIS" every single time.
  3. In addition to the TAB key entry, ScriptThing gives you the option to enter Character Names by pressing ALT+ANY LETTER and the first name that begins with that letter (or any name you select) is instantly inserted as a Character Name and you're left in Dialogue, ready to go.

Scene Heading Entry - the differences:

  1. ScriptThing offers you more ways to get into a Scene Heading than anyone else:
  2. Once you're in a Scene Heading, a Menu of all the unique locations already in the script let's you enter whole locations with a tap of a key or two.
  3. Once a location is entered, select the Time of Day from a Menu with only a single keystoke, and the Time of Day is put in with however many dashes you desire, and you're in Action ready to type away.

And this type of attention to detail runs through every aspect of ScriptThing. Like the Timed Backup having a unique "Busy Delay" which will delay the backup for up to two minutes while you're typing so that it doesn't interrupt your train of thought. Or when you retrieve a script having it automatically leave you exactly where you were when you exited it, rather than simply at the top.

"Sometimes I have to wonder if it really does read minds, as it knows exactly what I want and does it before I have the time to tell it to... this level of freedom must be experienced to be truly appreciated." - Jerry Burger

First and foremost, your scriptwriting word processor has to be great word processor.
Which is why ScriptThing offers you the Word Processor features that you've come to expect, but which not every program has...

The following features are ONLY in the Windows Version

But it's more than just a Word Processor, of course, it's a Script Processor...
"ScriptThing shines in the design extras" - Micheal Heiss, Video Systems Magazine

System requirements:
ScriptThingTM for DOS (Freelance & Production) - IBM or compatible, 286 or better CPU, 640K RAM, hard disk with 2.5 Megs available, DOS 3.0 or better, Mouse or other pointing device optional

ScriptThingTM for Windows® - IBM or compatible, Windows 3.1, 95 or NT, 486DX or better, 4 Megs RAM, hard disk with 5.5 Megs available, Mouse or other pointing device

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